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About the University

The New Vision University is a research university in Tbilisi, Georgia. The University has a large and distinguished faculty to support its mission of education, research and clinical innovation. The university has close partnership with foreign universities, relevant scientific research institutes and educational centres. Faculty of NVU participates in scientific conferences and exchange programmes in different countries like USA, UK, and European countries.

NVU has excellent facilities and is the only medical university in Georgia with its own hospital. This means that students gain first-hand exposure to medical practice throughout their degree.

With a large and distinguished faculty on-hand, the university has a very good student-teacher ratio; meaning that all students get the support and attention they need to succeed.




Teaching Faculties in the University are up-to-date and co-operative with all students. The university is constantly improving its facilities and quality of education to cope up with changing technologies and developments in each employment sector. 


University Hospital - World class healthcare amenities with separate departments and innovative surgical aids. Additionally the availability of senior surgeons ensures junior doctors have the ability to learn and enrich their knowledge.


Library - The library consists of electronic resources, books and research papers.


Laboratory - The university has a state of the art laboratory consisting of chemicals and equipment.

Quick Facts