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About Us


Dedicated Consultants

There are so many education consultancy providers all over the place. But, what makes us different? Why choose us?

The answer is, we provide a service right from the beginning of your search for a quality university to the day that you graduate. We just don’t stick you at a university & forget all about it. We guide & help you all the way through your university journey & be a friend to talk to as well.


Our Mission

Why should any student who has a dream be told "no" due to their circumstances, or not be given a second chance? Our mission is to provide students with this second chance to achieve their dreams without having to pay unreasonable agency and university fees. Due to this core principle, the heart of our values emphasize in providing a fair service to our students, which is moral and ethical. Therefore, we put our students first whenever providing advice and we strongly believe it is this key principle which enable us to stand out and grow as a company, gaining highly regarded reputation amongst the student community. Our ethos is providing a service which is reliable, honest and reasonable.


Our Vision

We at Study Overseas Consultants aspire to help prospective students to choose higher education institutes which most closely match their academic qualifications, career ambitions and financial means.


We dedicate our self to enable students from across the world enter top ranked universities so that they can have the skills necessary in any field they choose.

We aim to provide our students a tailor-made, high quality service which caters to each students individual requirements. This bespoke service ensures that every applicant is treated on an individual basis and have their needs catered, thus giving our students a stress and hassle free entry into university.

Studying Abroad

For any student going to university is a life changing process which can be very daunting, this combined with studying abroad is a time of great stress for students and their families and we certainly understand this. For this reason, when a student comes to Study Abroad Consultants we handle everything, from application, guaranteeing university placement, relocation during studies and even beyond. The final result is a personalised ongoing support package delivered with minimum hassle for maximum satisfaction.

Going to university is a stressful process let alone going to university abroad. Therefore, our aim has been to take this stress and hassle off our clients and act as their agents; shifting all the leg work from them to us, making this life-changing experience smooth, enjoyable and memorable. From the moment of contact we aim to exceed your expectations, providing as much advice and assistance to anyone who come our way. We hope to offer a very informative service to ensure both the student and their family fully understand the application process, relocation, university options & post-graduation. In order to achieve this, our advisors are fully up-to-date with information relating to degrees, universities and careers.

What We Do

First-class Advice: Our advisors will ensure you are well informed regarding the universities available to you, their requirements, information about the prospective country, post-graduation options and answer any queries or concerns you may have. 

Application Process:  We will deal with your entire application and liaise with the respective university, guaranteeing entry into your chosen university, and ensuring you have a stress, hassle free experience. All that is required of you is to provide us with the necessary documents!

Once you've been accepted, we will provide you with the good news immediately and issue you with your official acceptance letter from the university! 

Pre-Departure Support: Prior to your departure our relocation team will be in contact, ensuring you are up to date with our proposed itinerary on arrival at the country and university. 

Relocation Support: Once you arrive at your destination country, our representatives will help you with everything, from setting up a bank account to finding accommodation ensuring you settle down well into the new country.  

Post-graduation Support: Once you graduate, we aim to assist our students at finding suitable careers, or securing placements for further study.